The Abysmal Life of Crayon

Experience the joys in the life of jaded Sydney-siders Crayon and Jamin-kun.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

The Abysmal Life of Crayon

Yay!! my first ever post!

I started this blog cause I wanted to write...

I have been at work all day. Its cold outside. Raining i think.

Mum has just called, and I'll meet her at the top of the street in the city so she can pick me up.

I am having dinner with her tonight, leaving my boyfriend at home to have one last night with my mother before she flees the country in search of her life.

She will be in Italy this time on Friday.

It startles me to think that she will be thousands of kilometres away.

And i will still be here, working, eating, sleeping, fucking, drinking, showering, brushing my hair, catching the bus, making coffee, reading the paper, walking to the ferry, washing my clothes, calling my sister, emailing my friends, living living living my abysmal life.

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