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Friday, May 21, 2004

In the middle of the night last night!

in the middle of the night last night, i woke up, and felt that my side of the bed was empty, and went "Oh My God, Jamin-kun hasn't come home! What could have happened? I hope he's at someones house!"

I seriously didn't know where i was, or what had happened. It gave me a fright. But then I remembered.

It was a lovely night in the end. My big brother, his wife and their new little baby came over for dinner, as did my little brother and his girlfriend - I hadnt realised they were all coming to say good bye to mum, so it was kind of good that i didnt make it to the Writers Festival, which I had told Jamin-kun I was definitely going to. It was just too far away, and I had a feelign the 'abstract poetry' would have sucked - also it was too far to try and get to see Salam Pax, who was speaking out at Parramatta.

Anyway, i just felt so tired and cold, and just wanted to be looked after by mum before she left, heh he hehh.

We (little brother, me and Mum) got up at 6:15am today! drve out to the airport, where mum nearly had a freakout that she had lost her ticket! Seriously almost had me chucking a fit because she did that whole openmouthed "Oh GOD THE TICKETS!" and then of course found them, and then of course held up the entire line while going through her backpack to get out clothes she forgot she needed for her night stop over in Japan!

Oh mother.

Then we went to the food court to have our traditional Airport McDonalds, and who should be playing there, but the crappy Australian boy band, Human Nature - there was some sort of Radio promotion, really sad actaully, and it was like Easy Listening mix 106.5 or somthing. Anyway, all these tired people who have just arrived in Australia are met by the whining of this awful boy band....Mum kept saying "oh, this band, what are they called again? Native Garden? They are lovely!" and we're like "no, its Human Nature,and they suck.
heh heh

So we got her on the plane - my friend from work called too, she was coincidentally leaving for Spain at the same time!! but i missed her, and so here I am now at work =- little brother gave me a lift back to the city, to the office, which was great.

Not much on the agenda tonight - the Ozops party is on, and my big sister and her husband are not coming up from the country til after lunch tomorrow, which means that i'll have dinner with them tomorrow night.

I'm looking forward to it in the way you can only look forward to seeing family when you feel cold and a bit empty.

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