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Monday, May 24, 2004

My Silent World: Part 1

I just had a frustrating experience! Im at work, working on an advertising campaign. The phone rang (i jumped a metre high - I hate hearing the phone ring, I start to tense up, cause I know I may have trouble hearing however it is on the other end..)

Anyway, of course, this is somebody who is mumbling and slurring their words, and after a few seconds of me going "please slow down, I cant understand you, Im sorry!" I had to ask the person on the phone, had no idea who it was, to email me, because I just couldn't work out what they were saying on the phone!

Embarrassing, but I am getting used to it. And surprisingly, no one seems to mind that much.

Oh well. Just had to breathe and try and calm down afterwards! hehehe.

I am hard of hearing, but i feel like I am Deaf. I describe myself as Deaf to people, because I wear hearing aids in both ears, and cant hear very well without them at all - people have to shout, and even then i cant hear them that well.

My whole family is hearing, my boyfriend and all my friends, workmates and so on - they are all hearing - I only know a couple of deaf people, and even then, i dont know them too well.

i work in the Media Industry in Sydney, and it always fascinates me the way people react when they either hear I am deaf from someone else, or realise I havent heard them say something.

Amazing - most people think I am kidding them! If only! But in reality, I dont do too badly, and I am quite proud of myself the way I get by with things.

I get by mainly on a sense of humour, really. Its the best way. Its the ONLY way.

I am a journalist by training, though i cant really ever be a journalist because I cant hear enough.

I like to write, always think I should try to explain to hearing people what it is like to be deaf through writing.. but seriously - i just cant be fucked!

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