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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Churches smell like old books

It's one minute to midnight, and I am not sleepy.

The TV is stuck on the SBS Channel and is making no sound.

The dishwasher is slowly coming to a stop, and the living room is in complete darkness as I sit here typing.

Work tomorrow. I'm in trouble. My boss wants to see my at 3:30pm in the board room.

Apparently there have been some mistakes, and they point in my direction. I haven't done anything wrong. I am beginning to worry.

Today, after our work in progress meeting, I went and sat in a tiny cafe in the city that is part of an old church. I just had to get away from the city, and the business men and women, the rush, the lunches, the dash from the office to the sandwhich shop, I had to get away from the buses, honking horns, the cold, the scarves, the high heels, the lipstick, blow dries, the ties, and matching vests, cappucinos and lattes....It all made me really really cranky.

So I went up the hill to this church which has a tiny coffee shop way in the back beside the actual churchy part. And I sat down in the muted darkness.

It was quiet, and smelt beautiful, like old books.

How could people miss this place? How could people not crowd in here trying to get away from the world? But I was so glad they weren't.

One of the ladies who was working there came up to me, and gave me a smile;
"Hello love, what'll you have." she actually sat down opposite me to take my order, and listened intently to me as I told her I wanted a flat white and an anzac biscuit.

She wrote out my order so carefully and precisely. When she got up and smiled, and walked to the kitchen, I realised she was wearing a badge that said "Volunteer".

Later, I asked her, was she paid anything at all? Nope...Nothing. And they were ALL volunteers. Every single one on them. Volunteers.

I went back to work with a strange feeling that none of us working in our high rises and office blocks really understood that certain feeling calm that comes with doing something for nothing...

I'll go back tomorrow.

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