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Friday, June 04, 2004

god work is boring today

It is now 11:39am on Friday morning, and I would just like to admit to the world, that I have honestly not done a single work related thing since I arrived at 9am.

jamin-kun was at a work course in North Sydney today, so we didnt catch the bus together into the city as usual. In fact, I slept in because I figured that since everyone else at work today (the whole of my upstairs office work collegues) are either away or going to be late too, I can't be bothered being a goody goody and working like I usually do. Which is hard! I mean I work hard! (HAR)

But work just seems so POINTLESS sometimes. Especially in the corporate world, full of offices and boardrooms, and receptionists, and hushed hallways, tastefully decorated, with views of the harbour, and unlimited wine, beer, coffee and tea to serve to clients. Feed them, get them drunk, then tell them the bad news.

Anyway, on my radar for today, things I have to do:

1. Do some work here -
2. Put my pasta lunch in the microwave, (one that Jamin-kun made me! what a guy) watch it go round
3. Throw around the plastic beach balls they have up here for stress relief
4. go for a walk at lunch time, stare at all the people staring at the stock exchange screen at the Australian Stock Exchange
5. SMS mum who is Italy, and make sure she is still alive.
6. Keep looking at random blogs, and generally waste the day until 5:30pm comes, and then
7. Im outta here!

we can probably expect me to post about one blog every hour, considering how goddam boring it is today. This would have to be the most unproductive day I have ever had...


- Crayon

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