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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Nocturnal Walks

Yay!!!! the day is nearly over, its 5:20pm, and i am getting ready to leave work.

Anyway, I am about to meet Jamin-kun in at The Rocks, and we will walk home!! This is a BIG thing, as walking home means walking over the massive Sydney Harbour Bridge, then all the way through Kirribilli, (maybe past the Prime Ministers house! Shout some anti-war slogans at him while he's having a bath!!) and then up through the suburbs to our little town house.

Ahhh, good excerise, and should compliment beautifully my lovely Yoga class from last night.

Anyway, so we shall be walking through the darkness, for about an hour.

I love these sorts of walks because you can smell all the different types of smells of people cooking, laundry being washed, the sharp scent of leaves and dirt and flowers in the darkness.

And of course, you can see into people's windows. I love that. People with their lights on in the living room, the kitchen, their bedrooms. You can see right in.

People sitting together, oblivious to my searching eyes...among things I have seen on my walks at night after work are.....
a young couple with their heads slightly touching as they look at something in the newspaper on the couch; a mother helping her son on the computer; a guy twirling his girlfriend (maybe) around his living room and her laughing a shouting; a little boy sitting in a window sill with his cat, just looking at his own reflection in the glass; hundreds of people washing up; a guy playing computer games; an old man watching the news on TV.

Its simple, but very moving to see these people who are so human, living their lives as best they can. It is humbling.

Its 5:30 now, Jamin-kun calls, and a nocturnal walk it is...

..until tomorrow....

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