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Thursday, June 03, 2004

Parties, drunken hazes, compliments on drugs

All is well here.. D & L are having a party this Saturday night. I think I will try to talk Jamin-kun into going - he doesnt sound too keen, even though they are his friends!

I think it may be because he thinks their crowd is a bit too cool. And they are in a way…They are the type of people who are fun to be around for a short time, like at parties and so on, but you don’t really consider them your freinds. Having said that though, I remember a time when we both sitting under the harbour Bridge, on a high after we’d taken some pills, and L told me she thought I was really really nice, and had a very good vibe about me.

You know, two or three years ago, I remember someone said to be (in a drug induced haze ) “God you have cool hair!” (and I did then too)… and it seriously made me feel so good…very vain, I know, but you cant help it sometimes…..but this time L said to me in a drug induced haze, “God you have a good vibe about you”. And I really felt like I did at the time, of course that might have been the drugs talking, but I feel like if you are really a good person, people can feel that… (specially when they have taken artificial stimulants, hehehe).

Anyway, back to this weekend… Jamin-kun’s other reason for not wanting to go the party would probably be because he is looking after his 14 year old brothers’ Xbox for him (!?).

I actually went to sleep last night with him sitting up in bed playing games next to me! cant believe him sometimes. I was lulled to sleep by that weird jerking you can only experience when you are killing something in cyberspace.

We had a surprise party for T the other night, and it was such a classic, cause his mum and Dad were in on it too, hi girlfriend worked so hard organising it so that T would think that everyone was not goign to be there for the weekend. Everyone was given different "things" they had to be doing... So Action was "working late", Jamin-kun and I had to go to Wollongong for his "mothers birthday"... And of course... who stuffed it up??

After about three or four emails going back and fourth between all ten of us who were “in on it”, and T’s girlfriend frantically telling us we had to be careful what we said etc etc,. T finally emails around saying "Whos coming to my party"…everyone gave their special “responses” and Jamin-kun says… "Hey mate, I’ll be there"...

I was just like *smacks head* "OH GOD!"

heheheh, needless to say, T was just like, ‘what the fucks going on?’ But it eventually worked out really well..he didnt have a clue!

We all went to Phuongs in Crows Nest, and had vietnamese, and then went to the Crows Nest Pub, and got so drunk, it was just crazy.
Action actually fell asleep in the pub, and was woken up 40 minutes later by a security guard to find everyone else had left!!!! I'd gone home quite early with Jamin-kun, but apparently, Spok said to him at about midnight:
“We're leaving – are you coming with us?”
and he said drunkenly:
"Oh dont worry about me, " and they were like:
“You sure??? okaaay. Whatever…”
and he went to sleep!!!!!

Then when he started walking home, he got LOST!! HAHAH, but he was ok - I talked to him at work the next day, and he was fine.

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